Behind this symbolic and easy-to-remember name is Yves Guignard, doctor in art history at the University of Lausanne based in Neuchâtel, Switzerland.

Art(h)ür is both a play on words about art as well as a door (in German, Tür) to be opened. Two brackets like doorways leading to an aspirated H, a soundless letter, a breath, an inspiration. Everything really starts there, after all.

Following the completion of a thesis on the art collector and art dealer Wilhelm Uhde (1874–1947), I acquired considerable expertise on the European art market of the first half of the 20th century.

Having worked as a tour guide for the Beyeler Foundation (Riehen/Basel) for the past fifteen years, I have been confronted with the main modern artists active between the 19th century and the present day.

During the last few years, I have designed and built databases for private collectors – most notably the family of the painter Balthus –in order to browse through historical archives and art collections.

Two years as an assistant at the Kunsthaus Zürich taught me how to curate exhibitions and to take care of collections.

All these years in the art world have allowed me to build up a solid network of restorers, framers, photographers, provenance researchers, publishers and printers with whom I know how to work.

I am finally writing and publishing on the above topics.

This website aims to give a few insights into my work in the different langages (EN, FR, DE) I work whit.


As an independent art historian, my primary task is to ensure the continuity of this discipline by researching and publishing on a wide array of subjects.


Any writing on bodies of work requires a good understanding of the subject material. This is why I have developed an expertise in databases.

Laure Mary-Couégnias, It's Our Turn Now, 2020

Recent articles

Below are some of my recent articles as well as articles referencing my activities

Laure Mary-Couégnias, It's Our Turn Now, 2020


By means of a Filemaker system, I am able to design and build intelligent databases for any type of collection.

This service further comprises research of the most relevant documents related to a collection, in order to enrich the knowledge of the works, their provenance or their place in the history of art.


Collecting data means knowing and valuing your cultural heritage.

The maintenance and management of an archive or art collection requires firstly that the original documents or works of art be carefully preserved to prevent deterioration due to the ravages of time or climate. Secondly, it is essential to access this data easily and at any time. Who is the artist? What is the size of the painting? Is an HD reproduction available? Is there a certificate of authenticity? Answers to all these questions are just a few clicks away thanks to an intelligent and well–maintained database. Moreover, in the case of an archive, a search in all the documentary databases helps to weave surprising links between documents.